Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rainbow Gumdrops!!!

In a field of grass so green and toadstools all around
Sit down quietly and you will hear a soft magical sound
If you're quiet as a mouse they'll all come out to play
For fairies will not go by without song and dance a day
Close your eyes and you will hear the flutter of their wings
Imagine all the bright colours and happiness they bring
If only you could catch one and have her for your own
But you would know that that's not fair, she must be free to roam
And though at times they are hard to see, you must look deep inside
Imagination and belief is what keeps the fairies alive.

by Betty

I am very pleased to present to you our new line Rainbow Gumdrops.
Featuring Bright Colourful products bursting with FUN!!
Tutu Dresses, Korker Bows, Woven Headbands, Hair Bows, Embellished Fairy Wings and Big Gorgeous Flowers on Crochet Beanie Hats.

Look out for Little Moos - Rainbow Gumdrops in March 2010 Studio Bambini "Lets Shop Guide"



A WHOPPING 50 yards (45 metres) of soft nylon chiffon in 3 luxurious layers.

One lovely and very excited Bride-to-be purchased this skirt for her little flowergirl and this is what she has to say about it..... "The super full pettiskirt looks as though it should be framed... and displayed in a museum as something a style icon wore as a child!!"

This lovely bride re-named the Super Fluffy Pettiskirt to "The MASTERPIECE" in her words "i feel it's a little insulting calling it anything but!! Congratulations on your talent as a designer. You are truly gifted with an obvious passion and dedication to your work which is a credit to you and to the service you provide."

So there you have it, The MASTERPIECE is born.

The Fluffiest Pettiskirt on the Market!!

Order your Custom Made MASTERPIECE in any colour or length at Little Moos today!!