Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Customised Flowergirl Tutu Sets for Weddings

Do you have a wedding coming up?

Are you looking for something beautiful and unique for your adorable flower girls?

Do you want their outfits to co-ordinate with your colour theme?

We can help you!!

Well its getting close to bridal season and currently we are working on 5 flowergirl tutu sets for September weddings! How exciting!!
Since we have had so many enquiries about customising the colours and fabrics we decided to make it easier for you and included a listing on the website with all the details.

We can custom fit our tutu and corset sets to your flowergirl sizes and you can choose the colour/s, ribbons and fabrics.

If you are interested in a customised tutu set take a peek at our listing here. A small deposit of $30 is required (refunded off your total if you purchase) we can source ribbons and fabrics to suit and send you samples for your approval.

1. Simply email or phone 0407 647 644 to further discuss you requirements.

2. We will then ask for payment of $30, this is the additional costs to cover the costs of sourcing fabrics, tulle, ribbons etc from our suppliers and posting samples to you for your approval.

3. Samples will then be sourced and posted to your given postal address. (Please allow approx 2 weeks for our samples to be gathered from our suppliers prior to posting) If we are using your fabric you will be asked to post to us.

4. Sizing selected or measurements of child are now due. (we can send you a diagram to show you where measurements need to be taken if required)

5. A seperate listing will be made on our website for you to purchase the customised set/s. The total price will be minus this $30 deposit.

6. Once full payment has been recieved by us your set/s will be made to your requirements and posted.

Now how easy is that!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Win a Love Me Knots Tutu by Little Moos

Nothing puts sparkle into the eyes of a little girl more than the sight of a spectacularly soft, fluffy, beautiful tutu.
A single glance at their dream tutu can send a child’s imagination into overdrive – princesses, fairies, parties, dancing, magic… fun!

To celebrate Little Moos 2nd Birthday I thought it would be fun to run a competition and giveaway 1 of our "Love Me Knots" Tutus


For extra entries you can
1. Tweet @Little Moos to your followers and tell them about our competition or our products (1 entry per tweet, max 4 per day)
2. Shout out about Little Moos on facebook to your friends or likers about our products or competition. (1 entry per shout out, max 4 per day)
3. Purchase from our site. Every $5 spent = 1 entry

For each extra entry to count you must tag us by using the @ symbol so we can see your name/business on our twitter or facebook page (except for purchase entries)

How do we determine the lucky winner?
On Saturday 31st July 2010 all entry names will be printed on paper and placed indiviually into a "hat" (or bucket/basket) then one of my "Little Moos" will draw a name from the "hat" at random and call out the lucky winner.
I will record this on video and upload on Little Moos youtube account for all to see.

For any questions please email

“Love me Knots” is yet another luxuriously full tutu to join the Little Moos collection, inspired by the ever so popular pettiskirt. A striking design in black and white (and soon to be in colours), “Love me Knots” is set to rocket to the top of every girl’s wish list in 2010.

Clip art courtesy of

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Monster Goodie Bag GIVE-AWAY

Thanks to the wonderful invention of the internet life has become very simple in many respects.
We are able to research anything our mind desires.. we can play games, pay our bills, chat to our friends on the other side of the world, and we can shop online!
We are able to purchase just about anything from the comfort of our own home, and have it delivered to our door steps.

There are many advantages to shopping online... the stores NEVER close, there is no dress code (you can go shopping in your pj's), save on rising petrol costs, no parking woes or the horrid road rage, you can escape from aggressive and/or non helpful salespeople, many rare products can be found that are not available locally and most importantly..... child friendly! Thats right, no need to plan shopping around your childrens nap time, school time or arrange a sitter. Avoid the temper tantrums from your little ones when "mummy I want this... mummy I want that.... mummy I want to go hooome"

Of course (like everything) there is the slight possibility of a bad experience occuring from shopping online. Some businesses offering free or cheap items online sometimes hike up the cost of postage so high that they profit from the purchase, or the product lacks quality, is grossly missrepresented.. nothing like described or photographed. They can arrive late... or sometimes not at all.

These unfortunate experiences do NOT happen often and to show you this Little Moos, Kids in Australia and many other WAHM Businesses have got together to show you we are committed to Excellence in Customer Service, and back our quality products and workmanship.
We are very excited to bring you a fantastic competition where you can forward your on-line shopping experiences (the good, the bad, and the ugly) in a survey so we can help provide you.. our wonderful customers.. with even better customer service than ever before!

Little Moos has donated 50 tutus towards The Monster Goodie Bag GIVE-AWAY organised and run by Kids in Australia

Each of the 50 Goodie Bags are filled with gift vouchers, discount vouchers, hair clips, tutus, photography gift certificates, samples and much, much more. This is one give-away you DO NO NOT WANT TO MISS!!!


For your chance to win 1 of 50 goodie bags valued at up to $500 each, simply fill in the 5 minute survey on the Kids in Australia website, telling them about your on-line shopping experiences (the good, the bad, and the ugly) Its that simple...

Kids in Australia

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rainbow Gumdrops!!!

In a field of grass so green and toadstools all around
Sit down quietly and you will hear a soft magical sound
If you're quiet as a mouse they'll all come out to play
For fairies will not go by without song and dance a day
Close your eyes and you will hear the flutter of their wings
Imagine all the bright colours and happiness they bring
If only you could catch one and have her for your own
But you would know that that's not fair, she must be free to roam
And though at times they are hard to see, you must look deep inside
Imagination and belief is what keeps the fairies alive.

by Betty

I am very pleased to present to you our new line Rainbow Gumdrops.
Featuring Bright Colourful products bursting with FUN!!
Tutu Dresses, Korker Bows, Woven Headbands, Hair Bows, Embellished Fairy Wings and Big Gorgeous Flowers on Crochet Beanie Hats.

Look out for Little Moos - Rainbow Gumdrops in March 2010 Studio Bambini "Lets Shop Guide"



A WHOPPING 50 yards (45 metres) of soft nylon chiffon in 3 luxurious layers.

One lovely and very excited Bride-to-be purchased this skirt for her little flowergirl and this is what she has to say about it..... "The super full pettiskirt looks as though it should be framed... and displayed in a museum as something a style icon wore as a child!!"

This lovely bride re-named the Super Fluffy Pettiskirt to "The MASTERPIECE" in her words "i feel it's a little insulting calling it anything but!! Congratulations on your talent as a designer. You are truly gifted with an obvious passion and dedication to your work which is a credit to you and to the service you provide."

So there you have it, The MASTERPIECE is born.

The Fluffiest Pettiskirt on the Market!!

Order your Custom Made MASTERPIECE in any colour or length at Little Moos today!!