Friday, July 2, 2010

Win a Love Me Knots Tutu by Little Moos

Nothing puts sparkle into the eyes of a little girl more than the sight of a spectacularly soft, fluffy, beautiful tutu.
A single glance at their dream tutu can send a child’s imagination into overdrive – princesses, fairies, parties, dancing, magic… fun!

To celebrate Little Moos 2nd Birthday I thought it would be fun to run a competition and giveaway 1 of our "Love Me Knots" Tutus


For extra entries you can
1. Tweet @Little Moos to your followers and tell them about our competition or our products (1 entry per tweet, max 4 per day)
2. Shout out about Little Moos on facebook to your friends or likers about our products or competition. (1 entry per shout out, max 4 per day)
3. Purchase from our site. Every $5 spent = 1 entry

For each extra entry to count you must tag us by using the @ symbol so we can see your name/business on our twitter or facebook page (except for purchase entries)

How do we determine the lucky winner?
On Saturday 31st July 2010 all entry names will be printed on paper and placed indiviually into a "hat" (or bucket/basket) then one of my "Little Moos" will draw a name from the "hat" at random and call out the lucky winner.
I will record this on video and upload on Little Moos youtube account for all to see.

For any questions please email

“Love me Knots” is yet another luxuriously full tutu to join the Little Moos collection, inspired by the ever so popular pettiskirt. A striking design in black and white (and soon to be in colours), “Love me Knots” is set to rocket to the top of every girl’s wish list in 2010.

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  1. Wow would love to win this , as I thought I had won it at the last games LOL
    But in all the confusion hadnt won it at all hehehehehe( i did win a beautiful beanie tho )
    My daughter is still waiting for her tutu hehehe

  2. Happy 2nd Birthday Little Moos!!!

    Does that mean your into the terrible twos now :P

    Claire Ryder

  3. Happy birthday Little Moos! Just love your work and am sure a certain little miss would love a love me knots tutu!!

  4. Good luck Kimberly :)

    Thank you Claire, lol I love it!... "the terrible twos" hahaa

    Thank you bubbalooz :)

  5. Happy birthday Little Moos - your tutus are beautiful and my little girl would love one!

  6. happy birthday :)my little princess already has a few little moos items, but would always love more :)

  7. Happy Birthday Little Moos!

    Wow I would love to win one of these-then I would only need to save to buy one as I have 2 girls!

  8. Into skirts I'm not
    Even love me knots
    but my daughter you should see
    would ADORE one of these.......

  9. Happy BiRtHay to you,
    Happy bIrThday To you,
    HaPPy BirTHay Dear Little Moo moo's.

  10. Happy birthday, I love your stuff and even better you are so local it is great, keep up the excellent beautiful and inspiring clothes. all the best xxxx

  11. Thanks everyone, you all have an entry into the draw.
    Want to double, triple (or more) your chances of winning??
    Just tag our pages on Facebook or Twitter and each tag is another entry (up to 4 per day)

    Please help us spread the word..


  12. Hap hap happy birthday! My 2 year old who saw this told me "mum, I neeeeed this" so here I am. Love all your designs!

  13. haha thats so cute Jamie and thanks for the birthday wishes :)

  14. Congrats on your 2nd birthday!! What a great milestone..i hope you have many many moe to come!! xxxx

  15. Please let this comment add this time! I've been trying for days, really would like to win this fro Kayla. Congrats on the big 2 ;-)

  16. Happy birthday to you! I'm sure my big missy moo would love one of your adorable tutu's!

  17. Happy birthday Little Moos....

  18. Happy Birthday Little Moos. I would love to win this for a special little cousin who has just had her 1st Birthday in full leg casts...This would be a special gift to her when she learns to walk for the very first time.

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  23. windsportssouthern yes your comment/vote is showing, thank you.

    Aww so sad Candice, I hope your niece makes a full recovery very soon. Congrats Candice you now have 5 entries into the competition for tweeting, thank you.

    Don't forget everyone you can tweet(twitter) or tag(facebook) up to 4 times a day for extra entries.

    Good luck everyone xoxo

  24. Thanks Jaki :)

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  28. Just wanted to commend you on these beautiful dresses. I haven't seen anything like them. They certanly would add to a wedding party & make a little girl feel very special.

  29. Lovely dresses, awesome site I've been an admirer for some time now :) With twin girls it's easy to fall in love with your creations :)

  30. My appoligies to everyone for the VERY late post.
    OMG!! I cant believe I hadn't put the video up on You Tube! I am soooo very sorry everyone :(
    Please check the You Tube link to find the lucky winner

    Winner to please email with your details. Thank you.